Environmental Policy

My Family House are very committed to good environmental practice. We are aware that our actions now have a direct impact on future generations and so we continuously strive to ensure we are doing all we can to be environmentally sound.

Our products are all handmade and wherever possible we use recycled materials, or materials from sustainable sources in the production of these products. In addition, we offer advice on production, reducing the environmental impact of some of the traditional techniques used.

The majority of our products are made using wood that is plantation grown across Indonesia for the production of handicrafts. The government provide free seedlings to growers to encourage the growing of these trees. They are grown in back yards, small pockets of land, on the sides of hills and paddy fields, and bring in extra income for the grower.

The crops are constantly replanted when harvested to ensure continual supply and can be ready for use in small carvings in around four years.All of this is backed up by our V Legal Certification from the Indonesian Government.

None of our beauty products contain any palm oil and use only the purest essential oils and natural colours. They are all vegan friendly.